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+Based on u_cap's initial findings...
+Here's what I see
+The Github default of 0x392B lets me see reasonable (if noisy) E and D signals with an HTC base in default settings
+The 0x3FFF that I thought I had read back from a power-cycled TS4231 shows the same when set explicitly: E and D present. I probably did not set the bus up properly for reading the config(edited)
+Using 0x2BA8 I get D==0 and E==1 , no changes
+configDevice has an initial section that tries to get in S3_STATE before setting a config
+if I take that out in its entirety, we are in S0_STATE, and reading back the config will get 0x3FFF - I suspect that is a bogus result(edited)
+if Ileave the bus setup section in and read (but not write) the config after S3_STATE has been reached, I get a default of 0x0 read(edited)
+this default state will also show me E==1 and D==0, no changes(edited)
+same result if I set 0 explicitly - apparently a valid config, but not working with HTC bases(edited)
+summary: If I set the GitHub default config, I get E+D and everything works fine. If I set 0x3FFF, same result
+If I set 0x2BA8, I D and E show no changes ever with HTC base. same if I set 0, or if I just power cycle and do not set a config, in which case the config reads as 0 as long as I read in S3_STATE
+I'll try different frequencies w/ 0x2BA8 and 0 next. the behavior of the default/zero config makes no sense as a legacy Gen1 support, so maybe its a Gen2 default?
+I never see E-only
+on a related note, I need to find a better way to power-cycle the TS4231
+from a Teensy
+right now I power-cycle both.