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* Finalized reading in and transforming of accel/gyro dataJustin Berger2018-07-011-0/+4
* Blacklisted devices now dont claim interface; fixed ootx optionJustin Berger2018-06-291-9/+25
* Fixed unaligned accessesJustin Berger2018-06-291-7/+17
* Added stringified error messages for libusb errorsJustin Berger2018-06-291-6/+7
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fix_wired_trackerJustin Berger2018-06-271-13/+19
| * Add blacklisting of devices, as well as improve feedback algorithm for charle...cnlohr2018-06-251-5/+7
| * Refactorcnlohr2018-06-241-1/+2
| * Fix base calibration values.cnlohr2018-06-241-6/+8
| * Fix units for vive, but not switching scales to incremental.cnlohr2018-06-231-1/+1
| * New config systemcnlohr2018-04-271-0/+1
* | fixed load config segfaultWenZheng Li2018-06-151-8/+31
* | added TR1 device for vive tracker(2018)WenZheng Li2018-06-151-20/+48
* | under constructionwoobianca2018-06-141-33/+47
* | fixed Makefile for LINUX_USE_HIDAPI, updated tracker usb pid, fixed wired tra...WenZheng Li2018-06-121-26/+5
* Pave the way for more, different, interesting devices.cnlohr2018-04-241-1/+1
* Cleaned up debug codeJustin Berger2018-04-201-2/+0
* Enabled and then cleaned up warningsJustin Berger2018-04-201-0/+2
* Remove SurviveObject if they fail to configure; prevents issues calibrating w...Justin Berger2018-04-131-0/+1
* Merge branch 'master' into simple_apiJustin Berger2018-04-101-37/+5
| * Update code to permit wireless watchmen use.Charles Lohr2018-04-071-10/+5
| * Unify the location of the updates to the IMU to use G's and rads/seccnlohr2018-04-061-28/+1
* Madgwick code integratedJustin Berger2018-04-031-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into imuJustin Berger2018-04-021-11/+1
| * Added notes before major overhaulJustin Berger2018-03-271-10/+0
| * Fixed issue(s) which would write to the config file when it wasn't neededJustin Berger2018-03-241-1/+1
* | Progress on IMU trackingJustin Berger2018-03-221-16/+23
* Fixed startup bug; changed config names to be consistentJustin Berger2018-03-221-1/+1
* Fix configuration system and fix race condition in survive_vive.cnlohr2018-03-181-22/+24
* Almost at a config interface.cnlohr2018-03-181-1/+1
* Playback now goes to a single file. Note that the file format changed too so ...Justin Berger2018-03-161-11/+10
* Added usb packet statisticsJustin Berger2018-03-161-0/+4
* Fix MSVC buildMike Turvey2018-03-101-0/+16
* Switch from pos,quat to pose. Also change initialization order.cnlohr2018-03-101-0/+5
* Whoops. This should _never_ print to stdout.cnlohr2018-03-101-1/+0
* Disable usb driver if playback is activeJustin Berger2018-03-081-2/+9
* Refactoring to reuse code standard to htc json formatJustin Berger2018-03-081-172/+1
* Added playback device driverJustin Berger2018-03-081-74/+27
* Fixed inadvertent change to signedness of acceldataJustin Berger2018-03-041-4/+9
* Merge pull request #99 from jdavidberger/misc-bugfixCNLohr2018-02-241-5/+13
| * Fixed unaligned access issuesJustin Berger2018-02-231-5/+13
* | Fixed typo which broke tr0 callbacksJustin Berger2018-02-231-1/+1
* fix various -Wall warningsChristoph Haag2018-01-151-2/+2
* Remove dependency on GetSem to fix linux segfaultMike Turvey2018-01-051-1/+1
* Haptic Call PlumbedMike Turvey2018-01-041-10/+77
* Controller Buttons Fully ImplementedMike Turvey2018-01-031-14/+14
* Haptic POCMike Turvey2018-01-021-7/+20
* Add button input support for wirelessMike Turvey2018-01-021-5/+28
* Capturing Button InputsMike Turvey2018-01-021-26/+207
* Start to support buttonsMike Turvey2018-01-011-3/+95
* use multiplicationJoshua Allen2017-05-071-6/+6