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HackADay article and video with Dr. Yates on how they made the Vive a thing. http://hackaday.com/2016/12/21/alan-yates-why-valves-lighthouse-cant-work/
+## Nomenclature
+WRT = With Respect To
+PoV / POV = Point of View (typically WRT to a LH, sometimes (though rarely) a sensor)
+LH = Lighthouse = Base Station = A device that produces a 1.8 MHz modulated sync pulse in IR and then sweeps the scene with laser planes.
+Sync Pulse = A pulse of modulated IR data sent from a ligthhouse, typically by the floodlight aspect of a lighthouse.
+Sweep Pulse = The evenlope created by a laser sweeping over a light sensor.
+OOTX = Omnidirectional Optical Transmitter = Data encoded in the sync pulses of the LHs.
+HMD = Headset = Main sensor receiver with a visual display for a human.
+WM = Watchman = Controller = The HTC Vive controller.
+TR = Tracker = Official HTC Tracker.
+LightcapElement = A single pulse of light, including a timestamp, source sensor and length of pulse.
+Disambiguator = System that accepts lightcap elements and pulls out OOTX data and relative sweep times of sweep pulses.
+Poser = Device to convert series of angles from a LH's PoV
## Getting things working
There are two things you should consider doing to your system before running libsurvive.