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+struct C3DObject
+ float const (*verticies)[2][3];
+ int const (*faces)[3];
+ int const (*nFaces);
+ float const (*matrix);
+ float const (*material);
+namespace uhr
+/* <objects> */
+/* <object name="boden"> */
+extern float const verticies_boden[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_boden[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_boden;
+extern float const matrix_boden[];
+extern float const material_boden[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_boden;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="deckel"> */
+extern float const verticies_deckel[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_deckel[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_deckel;
+extern float const matrix_deckel[];
+extern float const material_deckel[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_deckel;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="gehaeuse"> */
+extern float const verticies_gehaeuse[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_gehaeuse[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_gehaeuse;
+extern float const matrix_gehaeuse[];
+extern float const material_gehaeuse[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_gehaeuse;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="minutenzeiger"> */
+extern float const verticies_minutenzeiger[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_minutenzeiger[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_minutenzeiger;
+extern float const matrix_minutenzeiger[];
+extern float const material_minutenzeiger[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_minutenzeiger;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="sekundenzeiger"> */
+extern float const verticies_sekundenzeiger[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_sekundenzeiger[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_sekundenzeiger;
+extern float const matrix_sekundenzeiger[];
+extern float const material_sekundenzeiger[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_sekundenzeiger;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="sekziffernblatt"> */
+extern float const verticies_sekziffernblatt[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_sekziffernblatt[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_sekziffernblatt;
+extern float const matrix_sekziffernblatt[];
+extern float const material_sekziffernblatt[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_sekziffernblatt;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="stundenzeiger"> */
+extern float const verticies_stundenzeiger[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_stundenzeiger[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_stundenzeiger;
+extern float const matrix_stundenzeiger[];
+extern float const material_stundenzeiger[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_stundenzeiger;
+/* </object> */
+/* <object name="ziffernblatt"> */
+extern float const verticies_ziffernblatt[][2][3];
+extern int const faces_ziffernblatt[][3];
+extern int const nFaces_ziffernblatt;
+extern float const matrix_ziffernblatt[];
+extern float const material_ziffernblatt[];
+extern struct C3DObject const object_ziffernblatt;
+/* </object> */
+/* </objects> */
+}; \ No newline at end of file